October 19-20, 2019 will be the culmination of a project that we are starting today and for a year, we will develop together with all who are responding to our invitation to participate.

ARTweekend - What's behind this name?

For one year, we will popularize the idea for a weekend dedicated to art.

Participants will organize their events or simply accept visitors with their normal working hours on 19th and 20th October, 2019.

We address the project to:

GALLERIES - who can arrange exhibitions, events, or simply will work and receive visitors for these days;

ARTISTS - Who on the dates can open exhibition, art-performance, presentation or other appearance;

ART SCHOOLS - Who can hold public or regular lessons.

We will popularize your event to make it a part of global meeting of artists and their fans!

The project does not limit anyone and allows for organizing even common events of participants and their partners whose products could be related directly or indirectly to art .

Are you creative?

YES! Now is the time for implementation and we will help you to promote your good ideas!

We offer FREE and financially non-binding conditions for participation with several obligations that if not met, the only consequence will be exclusion from the next editions of ARTweekend.

In order to demonstrate our correctness, for those involved, we have prepared a written agreement with precisely defined roles, responsibilities and rights.

On October 19 and 20, we will focus the audience's attention on your art.

What do visitors benefit beside nice hours spent watching your art?

During the ARTweekend, galleries and artists will sell art with a 10% discount on their usual prices. Against the cash receipt for each bought participant’s work, buyer will receive from us a voucher with addresses of the participating galleries. The voucher will be for 10% discount accepted by all listed galleries for a period of 12 months.

What are the indicators for our project success?

This is a new beginning! ARTweekend has the potential to become global!

The goal we have set for this first edition is to attract 100 participants. After the end of the project, the results will be analyzed and provided for ideas and improvements of the next editions!

We look forward to questions and queries at

Financial and Media Partnership or volunteers to support the project

If you have a global or local business that is not involved in corruption, money laundering, or other illegal activities, and you want to contribute to the success of ARTweekend, ask for our terms and conditions at

If you are actively maintaining a travel blog or any other media, we will be happy to have you for our media partners. Be sure, ARTweekend will be one of the famous locations of the October weekend in many of your traveler ‘s destinations.

Ask us for detail at

Every project usually has a special group of supporters who recognize its ideas as their own and help the organizers with little help that is actually invaluable. If you just want to be a volunteer in the project, share the information we publish so we will surpass our original plans and ARTweekend will be able to become global with its first edition!

Thank you,

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