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In May,2015,, an American Art community web site, has choosen GALA for FEATURED ARTIST. What do they say for GALA? ...

As I see 'Bright', I'm attracted immediately to the wondrous red workings above the beak. The positioning of this bird allows for a lovely descent of color and pattern made magic by the artist. With 'Peonies' I feel a touch of mad abandon accompanied with the steadying influence of cross-patterning in the background. While seeming fanciful, the colors are carefully chosen - a combination of gentle whimsy and a grounded love of flowers. 'Pigeon' has a beautifully energetic furl of the tail - this is what attracted me. The brushstrokes make that tail a whirlwind of delight. The other two are also among my favorites - 'Kar-ibi' and 'Viola', both showing Galya's ability to mix colors, change form in the instance of 'Viola' and as with all, guide us into to her enchanted world.

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