I would call my works affordable.


For me it is strange to describe art in such a way. The art sometimes is a simple purchase of beauty and sometimes is an investment... 

Correct price is the one, which makes client happy with his choice.

If you do not buy...just enjoy my works.

Any of your comments and remarks left at the bottom of this page,are welcomed.

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Why do I paint animals?


Animals are the beauty of Mother Nature. They are with us from the very beginning of Human history, moreover, animals are often charged by us with sensations, love and metaphors of our behavior.


The challenge is, to get them out of reality and to present them to you in my multi color style.






Do you feel?

LOVE is all around us!... and LOVE is color, LOVE is woman, LOVE is dance, and LOVE is motion of my emotions...and my Abstract Expressionism.

I do not paint beautifull pictures, I paint my feelings.



Flowers are the best subject to express my multicolor style!


I love them, because they let me to play with my spatula and brushes. 



Typically, triptych is a work of art where 3 images hanged together form one composition.


Here I present to your attention, a triptych of three images where the objects are not connected in a composition but the story behind, make them one piece.

Humble, Harmony, Furious


Oil on canvas

And...let move it from the still state :) 


Art and fantasy?


Sometimes I leave my typical subjects and experimentalise by inserting ordinary subjects in unusual for them compositions. That is how I get created my fantasy works...Houses never seen on such landscapes.


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