GalasArt gallery 

We are conveniently located in Stara Zagora, a city in the middle of Southern Bulgaria,an hour-and-a-half away from popular sea or ski resorts, but also, from the hidden secrets of Bulgarian mountains and castles, where the legends are still alive.


GALAS ART Gallery has been opened since the beginning of 2013.


Although, we are very young as a gallery, we are very ambitious. Our policy is to make very good local and international contacts with other galleries, dealers and artists and to participate in art events and exhibitions.


We search, support and sometimes create new and unusual ways to popularize the Art. 


Our milestones:


2013 - participation at Cambridge City Art Fair, Cambridge, UK, 14-17th November 2013.

2014 - we have focused on the developping of our website for art contests., became famous among the kids. Here, they compete with others and try new ideas and tecniques.

2015 - Leonardo - Artist and Engineer'2015 - the second issue of our annual art contest, dedicated to the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

2015 - Gala participated in Harrogate International Visual Arts Expo 2015., 20th - 22nd November,Harrogate,UK 

2016 - Gala participates with her art at "Salon of the galleries" 19th -24th October, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

“In times of change learners inherit the earth, while the learned, find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with world that no longer exist.” 

Eric Hoffer (Autor of The True Believer)





BULGARIA, finally revealed ;)

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries.


The ancient hero called Spartacus was born there. I think, you still remember what Spartacus did in please keep the bulgarians in Bulgaria! 

Bulgaria ranks 3rd in Europe (after Italy and Greece) for its number of archaeological treasures.


Cyrilic alphabet is actually Bulgarian alphabet, developed at 9th century and adopted later by Russia and some other neighbour countries...

Nowadays, bulgarians go crazy when hear russians' claim that this alphabet is russian.


The only nations in the world that use the bagpipe as an instrument are Scotland, Ireland and Bulgaria.

Despite this,half of bulgarians do not wear skirts ...yet.


Bulgaria has been in the wine business for over 1200 years. The taste and quality of the Bulgarian wine is world class.


In 8 out of 10 cars sold in Europe, there are components produced in Bulgaria...



The most famous EU member for IT outsourcing. Big IT corporations opened their offices – IBM, HP, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, 3COM, LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, etc. This way the Bulgarian market became very competitive and to the moment more than 1000 IT companies are operating in the country.

And this is not a joke.