Frequently Asked Questions


Here-below we present to you most frequent questions we receive. Answers give clarification and will help you to make your choice. 


How can we pay remotely?


Send us e-mail with enquiry for a chosen work mentioning its title. We will reply promptly with the needed information. Our offered ways of paiment are:

-by sending the amount to our bank account;

-by PAYPAL. Using PAYPAL, you can pay also by your debit or credit card. We will send you an email with the instructions.


How do we get our painting?


For orders above EURO 600, we offer our special purchase condition, i.e. to pack and deliver the paintings to your address within EU, FREE of charge! NOW, we offer the same but to much longer list of destinations. Please check on the HOME page.For all other cases, we will discus with you and will send by email our specific and exclusive delivery condition which will satisfy your expectations. During the transportation the painting will have insurance.


Do we need to pay any duties or taxes?


NOT! You are not going to be charged with any additional amount for taxes or fees. The negotiated and agreed price is final for the client.


For most of the countries there is no duty for importing of original Art works. We will check and inform for your specific case. However, we could mention, that within EU there is no duty between the member states.


For USA, we can quote:

Original works of art (i.e. paintings, drawings, pastels, collages and decorative plaques) with or without their frames are duty-free under Chapter 97 in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).
However, if the frame is not of a value considered normal for the work of art, it will have to be classified separately under its applicable provision and may be dutiable. These original works of art, whether ancient or modern, must be executed entirely by hand.


Are the shown paintings original?


YES! GALAS ART gallery and me personally, guarantee - All works shown on this site, are hand painted by me,GALA! It is not used any printing technique. All used paints and colours are with good quality and in the near future, my works do not get changes on the surface and colours do not lose the beautifull saturation which you see now! I sign every one of my works!


What if the received original work, do not meet our expectations?


It is not a case which we are happy to consider. That is why, before the purchasing, we can send you photos and information for all details which you would find not clear in the published images. Please consider all details before finalizing your order. Our clients are important for us!

If within 5 days of receiving it, you want to return to us a painting, the transportation back to us, will be on you expenses. When we get the work back without any damages, we will refund the paid price but with deducted cost for the bank transfer.

So far, we never had such issues.